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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Story of DISNEYLAND: A New Millennium

As the new millennium began, exciting things were happening around DISNEYLAND. Finally realizing the error of its ways, the City of Anaheim embarked on a massive effort to improve the area surrounding DISNEYLAND. Unsightly signs and poles were removed. Lush landscaping was brought in. The results were impressive.

Disneyland Drive

Katella Avenue

Disney was also putting the finishing touches on an impressive array of new offerings that would propel the Anaheim property into the stratosphere.

Disney's California Adventure

Downtown Disney

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel

These new attractions were designed to cement DISNEYLAND Resort as the centerpiece of any Southern California vacation. Downtown Disney and the Grand Californian Hotel were instant successes. Disney California Adventure required some assistance, but altogether, the components came together to make an immersive vacation destination that had the added advantage of being located close together, making park hopping a breeze.

DISNEYLAND wasn't left out of the equation. The park received a remodel of its famed Submarine Voyage attraction and a new Fantasy Faire.

In 2005, the park celebrated its 50th Year in a big way. The huge influx of heavy spending guests, eager to recapture the nostalgia of the past, convinced the company that its crown jewel was DISNEYLAND and investing in its future like Walt had done would result in massive rewards.

So the company embarked on a plan to improve and expand in Anaheim, which resulted in the massive Cars Land in Disney California Adventure and the all new Buena Vista Street.

DISNEYLAND would continue to evolve and grow just like it always had. Who knows what the future holds in store? We do (sorta). Join us next week as our year long salute to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom comes to its conclusion with a look into the future of DISNEYLAND.