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Friday, December 25, 2015

The Story of DISNEYLAND: A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

"It's something that will never be finished. Something that I can keep developing...and adding to."
-Walt Disney

DISNEYLAND was designed from the beginning as a place that would constantly grow and change. It was what Walt Disney wanted and it is still the way things happen in his one and only Magic Kingdom.

"Dad's vision called for this, for DISNEYLAND, to be something that could grow more beautiful every year, and it has."
-Diane Disney Miller

While it is wonderful to remember DISNEYLAND's past and amazing to experience its present, it is always great to think about its future. Presently, DISNEYLAND is about to embark on its largest expansion in years, an amazing project that will bring the larger world of Star Wars to the park. 

These improvements will be an amazing addition to the park that will be built right behind Frontierland beginning next month. Will things look exactly like the conceptual drawings? Possibly, but the amazing thing about Walt Disney Imagineering is that they will improve and expand on their plans literally up until construction begins, so one never truly knows what the finished project will look like.

Another sure bet for DISNEYLAND is an injection of Marvel. But what will Marvel in the parks look like? Could it be something like this?

Would Iron Man or Stark Enterprises end up in Tomorrowland? Or could it find its way into Disney California Adventure in its own land?

The company also owns a large vacant lot just down the street that has often been seen as a potential site for a third theme park. Could this be a prime location for Marvel characters- or for a park highlighting Disney's Heroes and Villains?

And don't forget about Downtown Disney- there's plans for expansion, but what will those plans look like? A new hotel tower, various new restaurants and shops are planned. What might those look like? Expect celebrity restaurants and special attractions, regardless of what they end up looking like.

So while our 60th Anniversary feature has come to an end- the true story of DISNEYLAND continues to be told every day- in the smiles on the faces of Walt Disney's beloved guests and in the magical memories still being created every day. It's just the way he wanted it- just the way he'd always dreamed.

DISNEYLAND's magic will be with us forever- for now and for always. There's a great big beautiful tomorrow- just a dream away!