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Monday, December 21, 2015

Disney Christmas Week: One Hour in Wonderland

In the beginning of the television era, the major Hollywood studios declared it to be off limits. While nowadays the networks and studios are typically all part of the same entertainment conglomerates, they were considered enemies in the 1950's. It was Walt Disney who first saw the possible benefits of aligning with this new medium.

On Christmas Day in 1950, Mr. Disney crossed into "enemy territory" by producing One Hour in Wonderland for NBC. Presented by Coca-Cola, it was the first production on television produced by a Hollywood studio. The hour was hosted by Walt Disney and featured Edgar Bergen and Kathryn Beaumont, who was the voice of Alice in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland.

It was the highest rated show that year and it sparked an idea in Walt Disney's mind- could TV help him finance his biggest dream- DISNEYLAND?