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Monday, December 7, 2015

Music Mondays: "Oh What A Merry Christmas Day"

When Walt Disney Productions decided to pull Mickey Mouse out of retirement in 1983, Disney animators chose to adapt Charles Dickens' famed story A Christmas Carol for a thirty minute featurette. Mickey's Christmas Carol would feature Mickey and friends starring as actors performing a production of the story.

Rather than merely incorporate an existing Christmas song into the film, Disney commissioned Irwin Kostal and Frederick Searles to create a song that sounded like a classic Christmas Carol, but would actually be entirely new. They came up with the instant classic Oh What a Merry Christmas Day.

Oh, what a merry Christmas Day!
Hear the joyous music play!
Bells are ringing
Choirs singing
Oh, what a merry Christmas Day!

Sharing a season of good cheer
With the ones we hold so dear
Friendly faces
Warm embraces
Oh, what a merry Christmas Day!

Snowflake covered country lanes
Jack Frost painted window panes
Twinkling stars on Christmas trees
Oh, what happy memories.

Gathered 'round the fireplace
Families filled with love and grace
'Round the peaceful embers glow
Blessed yuletide spirits grow
Grow and grow
Grow and grow

Joy to the children far and near
What a wond'rous time of year
Isn't it just grand to say
Merry Merry Christmas
Merry Merry Christmas
Oh, what a merry Christmas Day!