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Thursday, July 16, 2015

60 Days of DISNEYLAND #2: 2005

Fifty years. DISNEYLAND had not only lasted fifty years (49.5 years longer than some people thought it would.) but it was bigger, better and thriving.

Walt Disney's magical little park had grown to become a full fledged resort with three hotels, two theme parks and an entertainment district. It was everything Walt had dreamed and so much more. 

The company threw a gigantic party around the world and at the park itself, of course. 

DISNEYLAND had grown to mean so much to so many and they flocked back to the park to relive the memories. Famous friends lined up to salute the park- Julie Andrews, Steve Martin and Leann Rhimes spoke, performed and sang.

Special, once in a lifetime merchandise was produced that honored the park and provided fans with unique keepsakes.

The park was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The first and only location to receive one.

The world returned to DISNEYLAND and showed its love for a place that had become a worldwide phenomenon, hosting hundreds of millions of happy guests from around the world.