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Thursday, July 16, 2015

DISNEYLAND Week: Tomorrowland Under Construction

The final land that began to take shape was Tomorrowland. Walt Disney was having a hard time trying to decide what Tomorrowland should look like and considered opening the park without it. At practically the last minute, he chose to go forward with a Tomorrowland that would evoke Buck Rogers and visits to the moon.

The interesting thing was, while it was difficult to find sponsors for other attractions and areas around the park (the big corporations had trouble grasping what DISNEYLAND would look like) they lined up to sponsor Tomorrowland. Bell Systems, Monsanto, TWA and others saw Tomorrowland as being similar to a World's Fair. And they fully understood what that would be like.

With sponsor cash and a compressed schedule, Tomorrowland quickly took shape. At a pace not often seen, a futuristic world sprang up on the east side of the park.

The future would be ready. Everything would be ready by opening day- July 17, 1955.