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Monday, July 13, 2015

DISNEYLAND Week: Main Street Under Construction

60 years ago this week, the finishing touches were being placed on Walt Disney's greatest dream. In just a few days, the world was finally going to see the amazing place that Mr. Disney had built.

Construction was still going at a feverish pace. While construction was slow going at first, it had been going at an efficient clip and was nearing the end.

As one of the easier projects to undertake, Main Street USA was one of the first themed areas to take shape. Train tracks were laid on Main Street to guide the horsedrawn street trolley. The tracks would be mostly covered up by the asphalt that would be poured.

One of the first buildings constructed on Main Street was the Main Street Opera House. At this time, the Opera House was just a facade; the building covered the park's wood shop, which had to be built first to accommodate construction. The wood shop would eventually be replaced by a real opera house, which now hosts Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Main Street U.S.A's construction was completed first. As the opening scene to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom, it is only proper that it would be finished first.

With Main Street's construction well in hand, there were four other magical realms to complete before this amazing dream would be ready for the world.