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Thursday, July 9, 2015

From Tracy to Jones

In 1989, hot on the heels of a resurgence at The Walt Disney Company, huge new expansions were announced for DISNEYLAND Park. One such expansion was a new land to be located between Main Street and Tomorrowland called Hollywoodland which would feature a movie themed environment. One of the signature attractions was supposed to be Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers a fast paced trip through the streets of Dick Tracy's city.

When the film Dick Tracy underperformed at the box office and plans were scrapped for a Hollywoodland in DISNEYLAND (it was later built as part of Disney California Adventure) the attraction plans were scuttled. However, nothing is ever fully canceled at Disney. The attraction technology was repurposed and re-themed- into the Indiana Jones Adventure, which opened in Adventureland in 1995.