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Friday, February 5, 2016

Freaky Fridays: Disney's Eureka - Disney California Adventure

One of the strangest parades to ever grace a Disney parade route (er, "performance corridor") was Disney's Eureka, which premiered at Disney California Adventure on opening day,

The parade was dedicated to the state of California and featured no Disney characters at all. There were, however, walking bridges.

Puppet floats and acrobatic acts dazzled Guests.

The floats and dancers reflected the diverse nature of California and built upon the themes explored in Golden Dreams.

The parade's theme song Come Away With Me was more of a contemporary song than was usually found at Disney parks and featured multilingual singers. Though it had a catchy hook and chorus, some of the lyrics were rather strange.

Like an egg getting fried on a sidewalk
I'm a freak for the heat of the dream talk

So was the parade a victim of its own eccentricities? Many guests enjoyed its ambitious nature and the fact that Disney made an artistic stretch that didn't come with toy and plush tie-ins. Guests with children expected to see Mickey, Minnie and the gang, or at least some recognizable characters. They eventually won the day as the parade was replaced with something more Tooncentric.