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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Toontown Tuesdays: Mickey's Toontown

There are two Mickey's Toontowns in the world- the original is located in DISNEYLAND and an exact copy was opened in Tokyo Disneyland. A third themed area called Mickey's Toontown Fair was operating in Florida's Magic Kingdom park, but the land was actually just a re-themed part of Fantasyland that was turned into a less immersive area of the park. The Toontowns in California and Tokyo are fully realized environments built to appear like cartoon worlds of their own.

The idea behind Mickey's Toontown was to answer a longstanding complaint of guests; that they had been inside DISNEYLAND all day without a chance to see Mickey Mouse. After the successful film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, DISNEYLAND decided to bring the fanciful Toontown to life.

The legend behind the land is that it was established as a way for animated toons to leave the hustle and bustle of Hollywood behind in order to relax in a spacious area away from the studios. Mickey and friends settled on some land in Anaheim, California that would give them a break from the rat race. In 1953, Walt Disney was looking for somewhere to build his Magic Kingdom and Mickey Mouse told him about a parcel of land south of Toontown that he might be interested in buying. After Mr. Disney built his theme park, he made sure that the denizens of Toontown would be hidden from guest view so that they could appear in DISNEYLAND only if they so wished. In 1992, Mickey and friends decided that it was time to let the world in on their secret city, so Mickey's Toontown threw open the gates to let the non-Toon world inside.

The land features Downtown Toontown with Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin and fanciful play areas for kids, while Mickey's neighborhood features Mickey and Minnie's houses.

Mickey can always be found inside his movie barn, where lucky guests can pose for a picture with the world famous mouse. Just go through Mickey's house to find him!

Mickey's Toontown has been a huge success ever since it opened over twenty years ago. Located behind it's a small world, the area can sometimes get overlooked by park guests, but it is always worth a trip to see how the Toon half lives.