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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Toontown Tuesdays: The Orange Bird

When Disney opened up its Magic Kingdom theme park in Florida, it wanted to put some roots down in Florida. As a result, it decided to embrace the state's famed citrus industry. While California's oranges are often eaten as fruit, Florida's oranges typically become juice, therefore Disney created The Citrus Bird.

The Citrus Bird became the subject of a song and was even represented in the Florida parks with a walk around character.

Eventually the Florida Citrus growers ended its promotion with Disney. The Orange Bird and his delicious magical Citrus Swirl became a thing of the past. But you can't keep a good character down!

In 2012, Disney brought back both the Orange Bird and his delicious Citrus Swirl dessert. Served alongside the famed Dole Whip, the Orange Swirl is a delightful treat when spending a day in the muggy Florida heat.