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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Walt Wednesdays: Dining in DISNEYLAND

Nothing inside DISNEYLAND is ever built without any thought put into it. Everything is designed with the guests in mind, including the restaurants. Walt Disney made sure to supervise even the smallest detail in anything he planned for his park. 

While Walt's wondrous buildings and amazing experiences surround you everywhere you look in DISNEYLAND, there are also more personal ways to experience Walt's DISNEYLAND. Carnation Cafe on Main Street is one of the  original restaurants in the park.

Guests can not only enjoy a traditional meal in the park, they can also try some of Walt's favorite foods.

Guests looking for a cheaper way to enjoy Mr. Disney's favorites can head to any popcorn cart. He loved popcorn and would insist on buying some for his personal guests every time he hosted them in DISNEYLAND.