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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Walt Wednesdays: The Walt in Disney California Adventure

References to Walt Disney are everywhere within Disney California Adventure if you know where to look. The obvious one is the Storytellers statue. In addition to depicting Walt in his younger days, the luggage he's carrying has his business card imprinted on it.

Not far from the statue is the Elias and Company Department Store, which is name after Walt Disney's father.

The Los Feliz Five and Dime is named after the neighborhood where Walt Disney lived for many years.

The very first "Disney Brothers Studio" was located on Kingswell Avenue. The Kingswell Camera Shop honors this Disney connection.

Where can one find this "Hidden Walt" in Disney California Adventure?

It's in the Sorcerer's Workshop located in the Disney Animation building. As you enter the workshop, look behind you and up. You'll find this tribute to Mr. Disney.