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Saturday, May 28, 2016

50 Years of it's a small world


50 years ago, the beloved attraction it's a small world opened at DISNEYLAND Park, bringing smiles, magic and fun to the hundreds of millions of guests who have experienced it. The attraction's simple message of world peace and harmony resonates today in an attraction that is still beloved by those who ride it.


Harriet Burns, shown above sitting next to the Plaza Inn model, once told me that she was proud of the impact her creations have had all these years later. She worked on it's a small world and was happy that it was still beloved. She was especially happy when I mentioned that my little cousins (who are actually more like nieces to me) especially loved the ride. This year, yet another generation will trek to the Magic Kingdom and most likely fall in love with it as well. Ms. Burns has passed away, but I'm fairly certain she would be even prouder of the fact that her work for Mr. Disney still lives on- creating magic and wonder to this very day.