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Thursday, May 5, 2016

May the Fourth Week: The Holocron

It's a legend- the Lucasfilm Holocron! In order to keep track of the huge world spawned from the Star Wars films, Lucasfilm created a master database of every character, storyline, planet and more. The secret database could be used by licensees and others to ensure authenticity.


If it's an official part of the Star Wars Universe, it is in the Holocron. While mere mortals are not permitted to access the Holocron, it is believed that even Ackmena and Lumpy- characters from the ill-conceived Star Wars Holiday Special- are included.



While the database is used by internal Lucasfilm employees creating new books, movies and comics, it is also used by the licensing department to ensure that merchandise is on point.




The company has received many requests from fans for access to the database or a software version of it. Since the database is actively used for future projects, the company has refused to permit outsiders access.