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Monday, May 16, 2016

Music Mondays: DISNEYLAND Records Release #3: DISNEYLAND Band Concert

The third record released by DISNEYLAND Records was finally tied to the park- DISNEYLAND Band Concert.


The original reason for starting up the label was to release items such as these. The reluctance of outside record companies to release items tied to DISNEYLAND led to Disney taking full control of its record releases.

This album was the first to be recorded inside DISNEYLAND Park, featuring the DISNEYLAND Band led by Disney Legend Vesey Walker. Now why would people be interested in buying an album based on a band from a theme park? DISNEYLAND's proximity to Hollywood has always been somewhat of a blessing. Talented musicians who regularly played on the biggest hits of the day would take jobs at DISNEYLAND on their off days. This meant that even if they didn't fully realize it, DISNEYLAND guests were being treated to the best of the best. A perfect slate of performers for a record album. For this reason, the albums would sell better than the outside record companies had believed possible.