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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Twilight Zone Day: Tower of Terror!

When Disney was looking for a theme to its haunted drop tower, it obviously always planned on it being Twilight Zone, right?


Not exactly. Before the Hollywood Tower Hotel took its place at Disney California Adventure's Hollywood Land (and uncoincidentally at 1313 Harbor Blvd.) it was originally supposed to be a haunted geyser- Geyser Mountain. Guests would have ventured behind DISNEYLAND's Big Thunder Mountain to tour an allegedly haunted geyser. The geyser's owner insists that it is completely safe and that it couldn't possibly erupt, sending guests soaring above the Magic Kingdom. Of course, it would do exactly this.

When the Westcot project was shelved, however, Disney's second park was slated to have a California theme. A haunted Hollywood hotel was the perfect theme for a drop ride. While the attraction didn't make it to phase one of the project, its prime spot at 1313 Harbor Blvd. was preserved and it now makes daily trips to the Twilight Zone.