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Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Magic Of Donald Duck

Disneyland Paris has recently released a commercial that perfectly encapsulates the world’s love of the Disney Theme Parks. 

In the short commercial, we see a cute Duckling who happens upon a Disney Comic Book featuring Donald Duck on the cover. The Duckling fully embraces the comic book, reading it over and over again and posing like his hero Donald Duck. Soon it becomes time for the Duck family to migrate south. The comic book proves too heavy for the Duck to take with him and it falls into a pond- completely destroyed. Saddened, the Duckling flies with his family, lamenting his lost book. He waddles off as a huge shadow approaches. He looks up and we see a look of pure joy on his face. Before him is his hero- Donald Duck. He runs over to him and embraces Donald’s leg. He realizes that his dream world and his hero are real. A heartwarming end!

As a child, I instantly fell in love with DISNEYLAND. After my first visit to the Magic Kingdom, I took home a pictorial souvenir book like the one pictured above, which I read over and over again, much like the little fellow in the commercial. Visiting DISNEYLAND was a dream come true and I eagerly wished and hoped that I could visit it again, much like the little Duckling. My dream eventually came true many times over and I have considered myself lucky to have been able to make so many trips to my most favorite place in the world.