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Friday, February 21, 2020

Talent Round Up- Walt’s Secret Hobby

We all know that Walt Disney had a gift that allowed him to envision what others could not and see the hidden skills that his team members didn’t know they had, but what did he do in his spare time to get his mind off the business of making motion pictures? Mr. Disney was quite skilled at making miniatures.

One of Walt’s Amazing Miniatures

While most everyone has heard about the miniature backyard train Walt built on his estate, the train wasn’t the only thing he built in his red barn. He also fabricated numerous miniature dioramas. One such diorama was based on one of his earliest live action films- So Dear To My Heart.

Walt Disney shows off his diorama to actress Beulah Bondi

Walt considered taking his miniature dioramas on a train tour of the United States. He wanted the train to stop in various cities where guests could pay to enter the box cars and look at the dioramas. He scrapped this idea when it was determined that it would not be economically feasible.