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Monday, June 22, 2015

60 Days of DISNEYLAND #30: A Bank for Main Street

Back in 1955, ATMs, credit cards and mobile banking were relatively unheard of. In fact, even someone trying to cash a check written by someone who banked at a different branch of the same bank might run into problems. The availability of cash would be important if DISNEYLAND were to succeed. 

So when Walt Disney was asked by Bank of America if they could open up a branch in his Magic Kingdom as a condition of loaning him money to build the park, he was ecstatic. Having a full branch in DISNEYLAND would solve many problems for him. The branch, which was the only Bank of America open on Sundays, lasted 38 years, closing in June of 1993. Despite DISNEYLAND's new banking deal with Chase, it no longer features a full service bank.

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