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Monday, June 15, 2015


On this day in 1967, DISNEYLAND opened its private members only club in New Orleans Square. DISNEYLAND sponsors had been clamoring for a place like Club 33 for years. Roy Disney had to convince Walt that this was a good idea and it was a hard sell. When New Orleans Square was being developed, Walt thought it would be a perfect location for a private club.

Walt Disney personally designed the place, which would also do something not permitted inside the park- sell alcoholic beverages. The club initially was only open to sponsors, but the demand for the super secret club was such that corporations and private individuals were permitted to purchase memberships.

The club became a legendary location in the park, though only one other Club 33 was ever opened- at Tokyo Disneyland.

Club 33 was recently expanded to accommodate more members, since its waiting list was over ten years long. The club remains a classy, exclusive oasis in the often crowded park with legendary service. 

It was a grueling experience to do research for this article.