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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What about the Red Head?

She's the belle of the ball at the Bridal Auction in the classic DISNEYLAND attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. The alluring "Red Head" has been flirting with passersby and entertaining guests since the attraction opened in 1967.

But what happened to this alluring lass? Her eventual fate has been in plain sight since the very beginning! The next time you embark on a voyage to see those salty old pirates, take a look at the bawdy painting in the ghostly bar at the beginning of the boat ride.

There's the red head, who apparently escaped her predicament and became a pirate herself! Painted by Marc Davis, who was personally chosen to work on the project by Walt Disney himself, the painting is appropriately entitled A Portrait of Things To Come. Of course, nobody riding through the attraction is told about the painting's title or what it represents. It's just another little detail that doesn't necessarily mean much on its own, but adds to the overall experience. 

This was exactly what Mr. Disney wanted- to build a believable world by including details that added to the story he was trying to tell. Sure, there might be too many details to notice on a first ride, but that's what keeps guests coming back for more. That's why Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom continues to attract guests from around the world.

This painting is exclusive to the original attraction at DISNEYLAND. While all of the other Pirates attractions feature the red head, none of them feature this particular painting.