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Saturday, July 8, 2017

D23 Week: Disney Legend #29- Jimmie Dodd

Jimmie Dodd was a talented songwriter and performer who was asked to write a quick song for an episode of Walt Disney's television show Disneyland. Mr. Disney was so impressed by the short song that he instantly decreed that Jimmie was just the person to host The Mickey Mouse Club.

Prior to his hosting job, Mr. Dodd had mostly appeared in small, uncredited movie roles, but he quickly proved to be an excellent choice. Jimmie was a natural performer who also wrote many of the show's songs including its theme. Jimmie was authentic and his genuine concern for the children who he and the Mouseketeers entertained each day was obvious. The kids themselves had nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Dodd and his wife, who treated the Mouseketeers (both official and unofficial) like their own children. Mr. Dodd passed away far too young at age 54- of cancer.