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Monday, June 4, 2018

Mickey Mondays: Mickey Saves The Day!

During the Great Depression, many American companies struggled to stay afloat. Several didn’t survive, though two iconic companies would save themselves with a lot of help from a familiar friend- Mickey Mouse!

The Ingersoll Company was in dire straits when it decided to take a risk and sign up to license the popular Mickey Mouse for a last chance line of watches. Mickey Mouse watches were a huge success, bringing the company back from the brink and beginning the hugely successful Disney licensing machine. Ingersoll would survive, changing its name to Timex.

Lionel toys was another victim of the Great Depression. People scraping together funds to stay alive had little money for toy trains. Enter Mickey Mouse again. A toy hand car featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse was licensed by Lionel as a way to possibly save the company. The risk did beyond their wildest dreams. Mickey Mouse saved the day again.